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Please make out any cheques (Sterling only please) to Isabel Clark  - Thank you.

If you wish to pay with your credit or debit card please use PayPal.  This is the easiest and quickest way to pay. They will lead you through the process.

Or I can send you a PayPal invoice which would make things easier still.


Please contact me on the following email address if you have any queries.  I will do my best to help.

Contact me by Email

Telephone:  024 76462885

Telephone from outside the UK: 44 24 76462885

By Post:  Isabel Clark Paintings, 24 Goodman Way, Tile Hill Village, Coventry  CV4 9UF  England


Paintings by the International Artist I. F. Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art


 VillageArt Special Notelets and Greeting Cards for Special People + white envelope with each card and notelet

A6 Notelets and Cards - Size: 6 inches x 4 inches approx.  Envelope with each Notelet

VillageArt Notelets and Cards - Special Cards for Special People

Unique Cards Featuring Adorable Cats, Beautiful Dogs Cute Cartoons and Fascinating Wildlife

for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Congratulations etc.


VillageArt cat greeting cards include various cat greeting cards and kitten greeting cards. They include Maine Coons greeting cards, Snowshoes cats greeting cards, ginger cats greeting cards, tabby cats greeting cards, tortoiseshell cats greeting cards, Burmese cats greeting cards, Bengals cat greeting cards, Ragdoll cats greeting cards, Siamese cats greeting cards, long haired cat greeting cards, short haired cat greeting cards, greeting cards of moggies and many others cat cards.


VillageArt dog greeting cards include Basset Hounds greeting cards, Beagles greeting cards, Bearded Collies greeting cards, Boxer Dogs greeting cards, Bulldogs greeting cards, Border Collie Dogs greeting cards, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels greeting cards, Doberman Pinschers greeting cards, Springer Spaniels greeting cards, Jack Russell Terriers greeting cards, Norfolk Terriers greeting cards, Norwich Terriers greeting cards, Rottweilers greeting cards and Yorkshire Terrier greeting cards. There are many other pet dog greeting cards not yet on the site so please ask.


VillageArt’s wildlife greeting cards section offers greeting cards of beautiful and sometimes threatened wild animals and offers prints featuring Badgers greeting cards, Bank Voles greeting cards, Dragonflies greeting cards, Fawns greeting cards, Hares greeting cards, Hazel Dormouse greeting cards, Harvest Mouse greeting cards, Otters greeting cards, Red Deer greeting cards, Red Stags greeting cards, Red Foxes greeting cards, Red Squirrels greeting cards.


VillageArt's Horses and ponies greeting cards are also available.


VillageArt Bespoke Greeting Cards  Cards from your own photos


VillageArt Cartoon Greeting Cards from drawings by Isabel Clark are also available.


VillageArt Bespoke Cards (Cards created from YOUR photos). Perhaps you would like greeting cards created from photos of your pet dog or cat, horse or pony.  Why not have a se of cards made of your own home or favourite holiday, the new baby or family achievement!!!  Cards are a lovely way to show distant friends and relatives recent events in your family. Maybe you would like a picture of your new house to notify people of your new address.


For your bespoke cards, you may have any of the backgrounds shown on this website or just have the white card background, with your photo in the centre and with whatever text you require. Just send a clear, in focus photo of a reasonable size.  You may send your photo via email, if you wish.


If you would like to see any other subject on these pet greeting cards, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.


There are also some light hearted and sometimes, yukky Halloween Greeting Cards for 31st October - All Hallows Eve



Commissions also undertaken for oil and watercolour paintings of YOUR pet, person or place by Isabel Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art



These are signed Giclée (Inkjet) prints taken from original paintings by the International Artist, Isabel Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art.  The Artist will check and sign each print before despatch.

These unique and charming prints are produced on the beautiful Somerset Enhanced 225gm Velvet Watercolour Paper.  Being 100% cotton, this is a superb paper for this fine art reproduction as it gives a high quality sheet with the same natural texture found only on archival artists papers.

Pigment inks are used which give your print/s a depth of colour that brings the image/s to life with no loss of quality for over 80 years.

The artist, who created the original painting with such loving care and attention to detail, will check and sign the print/s before despatch to you.

To prevent too much loss of the  image when you mount and frame your print, a white margin is left around the image.

VillageArt dog prints include Basset Hounds prints, Beagles prints, Bearded Collies prints, Boxer Dogs prints, Bulldogs prints, Border Collie Dogs prints, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels prints, Doberman Pinschers prints, Springer Spaniels prints, Jack Russell Terriers prints, Norfolk Terriers prints and Norwich Terriers, Rottweilers and Yorkshire Terrier prints and other dog prints not yet on the site so please ask.

VillageArt cat prints include various cats and kittens, Including Maine Coons prints, Snowshoes cat prints, Ginger Cats prints, Tabby cats prints, tortoiseshell cat prints, Burmese cat prints, Bengals cat prints, Siamese cats prints, long haired cat prints, short haired cat prints, prints of Moggies and many others.

VillageArt wildlife prints include Fox prints, Badgers prints, Bank Voles prints, Otters prints, Red deer stag prints, Fawn prints, Hares, Harvest Mouse (Mice) prints, Red Squirrels prints, Grey Squirrels prints, Hedgehogs prints, Leverets, Black Rats prints and Dragonflies (Dragonfly) prints.

VillageArt Bespoke prints (prints from your own photos) You may have prints from your own photos.  Just send a CLEAR, in focus photo of a reasonable size for enlarging.  You may send your photo via email and I can let you know if it is large enough to make a reasonable print.

If you would like to see any other subject in one of these prints please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.



VillageArt Dog stationery Basset Hounds letter headings, Beagles letter headings, Bearded Collies letter headings, Boxer Dogs letter headings, Bulldogs letter headings, Border Collie Dogs letter headings, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels letter headings, Doberman Pinschers letter headings, Springer Spaniels letter headings, Jack Russell Terriers letter headings, Norfolk Terriers letter headings, Norwich Terriers letter headings, Rottweilers letter headings and Yorkshire Terrier  letter headings. There are many other pet dog letter headings not yet on the site so please ask.

VillageArt's cats letter headings include various cats and kittens such as Maine Coons cats letter headings, Snowshoes cats letter headings, Ginger cats letter headings, Tabby cats letter headings, tortoiseshell cats letter headings, Burmese cats letter headings, Bengals cats letter headings, Ragdolls cats letter headings, Siamese cats letter headings, long haired cats letter headings, short haired cats letter headings, plus cats letter headings of Moggies and many others.

VillageArt wildlife letter headings include Foxes letter headings, Badgers letter headings, Bank Voles letter headings, Otters letter headings, Red deer stag prints, Fawn prints, Hares, Harvest Mouse prints and Harvest Mice prints, Red Squirrels prints, Grey Squirrels prints, Hedgehogs prints, Leverets letter headings, even Black Rats letter headings and letter headings of Dragonflies (Dragonfly).


VillageArt Cartoon letter headings - Assorted cartoon animals



VillageArt Dog address labels include Basset Hounds address labels, Beagles address labels, Bearded Collies address labels, Boxer Dogs address labels, Bulldogs address labels, Border Collie Dogs address labels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels address labels, Doberman Pinschers address labels, Springer Spaniels address labels, Jack Russell Terriers address labels, Norfolk Terriers address labels, Norwich Terriers  address labels, Rottweilers address labels and Yorkshire Terrier address labels. There are many other pet dog  address labels not yet on the site so please ask

VillageArt Wildlife address labels available are foxes address labels, badgers address labels, bank voles address labels, otters address labels, red deer stags address labels, fawns address labels, Hares address labels, Harvest Mouse address labels (Mice), Leveret address labels, Red Squirrels address labels, Grey Squirrels address labels, Hedgehogs, address labels Black Rats address labels and Dragonflies address labels.

VillageArt Cats and Kittens address labels include  cats and kittens such as Maine Coons cats address labels, Snowshoes cats address labels, Ginger cats address labels, Tabby cats address labels, tortoiseshell cats address labels, Burmese cats address labels, Bengals cats address labels, Ragdolls cats address labels, Siamese cats address labels, long haired cats address labels, short haired cats address labels, plus cats address labels of Moggies and many others.


NOTELETS  (sets only) 

1    . Sets of 5 x A6 notelets  –  £5.50 (includes Envelopes and UK postage and packaging charge.

2.     Sets of 10 x A6 notelets  –  £8.25 (includes Envelopes and UK postage and packaging charge.

3.     Sets of 5 x A6 Notelets  £6.50 (includes Envelopes and OVERSEAS postage and packing charge).


4.     Sets of 5 BESPOKE A6 Notelets (Notelets with your own pet on the front) -  £6.50)

Please click on OVERSEAS BUTTON, which is also the correct price for BESPOKE CARDS, but indicate clearly you require BESPOKE CARDS.  Then you may forward your image to me via email or ordinary mail.  Please, of course, allow extra time for Bespoke cards.


Notelets are created from A4 paper folded into 4 to A6 size.  Photo quality paper is used.

They are approximately 6inches x 4 inches when folded (nearly 6 in high and just over 4 ins wide)

“JUST A NOTE” text on the front, a picture of one of my paintings in the centre and an edge banner on the left.

Dog Prints, Cat Prints, Animal Wildlife Prints, Greeting Cards, Cat Address Labels Dog Address Labels

Cat Letter Headings Dog Letter Headings Cartoon Letter Headings Landscapes Letter Headings  Wildlife Letter Headings


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