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Prints, Cards, pet portraits and landscape paintings - Special Gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Retirements, Anniversaries etc

Each year in China and across parts of Asia, millions of dogs and cats suffer cruel brutal lives and unspeakable terror and pain before being slowly tortured to death, killed solely for their fur for a merciless trade, we believe this horror must be stopped, suffering dogs and cats desperately need your help, and within this web site you will find out how you can help to ban the trade in domestic dog and cat fur in Europe.
GSDRH is a non-profit rescue for GSD's dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of these marvellous creatures.
Fit for Life - The Disabled Animals' Club The Disabled Animals' Club

The CEP  -  A non-party political pressure group - fighting for a Parliament for England, the only country in the UK without its own National Body.

Campaign for an English Parliament - Justice for England

Campaign for an English Parliament

Art prints of antique maps in gold foil, wildlife, spiritual, holiday,
puppies and kittens, Native American art, nostalgia scenes, fairies and more. Family friendly site.
Explore online galleries and artists' profiles on the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire website:
Cashback on every order from many leading shops  UK Online Shopping Centre
Porcelain Portrait Plaques. Original photographs and artwork are digitally reproduced using ceramic toners which are then fired onto porcelain plaques to give a washable and fade resistant finish. 
Directory of UK boarding kennels, catteries and quarantine facilities. 
Portraits of Pets, People & Landscapes, plus Sketches and Quotes about Dogs and Wolves.
A site that is dedicated to pedigree dogs in the UK
Free Electronic Greeting Cards, Ecards From
"Master the art of expression. can provide a huge range of top quality cards for any occasion......" Greeting cards
Watercolour Pet Portraits by C.A. Wells 
Pet/animal-related website hosting, a sister site of Quality, feature-rich service to the pet community at *very* affordable rates. Please take a moment to check it out yourself
We are a Labrador Retriever Breeder in Washington State. Our site includes photos of our Labrador Retrievers, their pedigrees, information on feeding your Labrador Retriever Puppy and dysplasia.
Low Cost Web Hosting Solutions
English Search Portal
We Are The English - Clothing, merchandise, news and views.
American Artist - An artist living in the mountains of western North Carolina in the USA.  Jack offers beautiful pastel portraits and his site is well worth a visit.
the UK "Real Art" Directory - A Directory of Artists who's work conforms to a more traditional concept of art. the UK "Real Art" Directory

Gallery of International Art and Artists

Art and Artists International Gallery
If you love Staffies you must visit this site.  You will love it. If you love Staffies you will love this site.
Enter your pet in our monthly Adorable Pet Contest and win a 14K Gold custom-designed nametag for your pet and a featured spot at our site.  A new winner is selected each month!  See this website...............

The Worldwide Art Gallery  All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art.

The Worldwide Art Gallery
The Turkish Van Cat Club  The oldest Cat Club in the UK purely for the Turkish Van - the "swimming cat" from Turkey. A friendly Club offering help and advice to anyone interested in this delightful and interesting breed. 
Joan M. Barnett - See this Artist's beautiful Paintings in Pastel Joan M. Barnett - See this Artist's beautiful Paintings in Pastel
Holiday in the foothills of Dartmoor - Family run park with excellent facilities. Open all year. Caravans/tents/motorhomes all welcome. Dogs accepted free of charge, exercise area provided. Excellent base for walking.

Welcome to the UK’s first simple searching Pet Directory for anything pet related.
Flint River Ranch Flint River Ranch
Sally Logue - Animal Portrait Artist - 8 Roods Drive, Kirkoswald, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1EH   Tel   UK 01768 898495
An American portrait artist.  The art style is very beautiful.

Nature Artist Vicki Ireland

Vicki Ireland - Nature Illustrator
This is a fantastic pet gift site. See some samples of their special pet cards. 

Ann  offers a service to dog owners of  putting a picture of their dogs on mouse mats, T-Shirts, and a number of other items. She uses most of the proceedings to sponsor Lincs and Essex Boxer Rescue.

Search Engine Optimization and Free Submission

Pet Portraits - Dogs, Cats and ALL animals painted from your own photos



 VillageArt Pet Prints, Letterheads, VillageArt Special Notelets and Greeting Cards for Special People + white envelope with each card and notelet

Please Contact Me with any queries about additional requirements

A6 Notelets and Cards - Size: 6 inches x 4 inches approx.  Envelope with each Notelet

VillageArt Notelets and Cards - Special Cards for Special People

Unique Cards Featuring Adorable Cats, Beautiful Dogs Cute Cartoons and Fascinating Wildlife

for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Congratulations etc.

from Paintings by the International Artist I. F. Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art



Commissions also undertaken for oil and watercolour paintings of YOUR pet, person or place by Isabel Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art



VillageArt Dog greeting cards include Basset Hounds greeting cards, Beagles greeting cards, Bearded Collies greeting cards, Boxer Dogs greeting cards, Bulldogs greeting cards, Border Collie Dogs greeting cards, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels greeting cards, Doberman Pinschers greeting cards, Springer Spaniels greeting cards, Jack Russell Terriers greeting cards, Rottweilers greeting cards and Yorkshire Terrier greeting cards. There are many other pet dog greeting cards not yet on the site so please ask.

VillageArt Cat greeting cards include various cat greeting cards and kitten greeting cards. They include Maine Coons greeting cards, Snowshoes cats greeting cards, ginger cats greeting cards, tabby cats greeting cards, tortoiseshell cats greeting cards, Burmese cats greeting cards, Bengals cat greeting cards, Ragdoll cats greeting cards, Siamese cats greeting cards, long haired cat greeting cards, short haired cat greeting cards, greeting cards of moggies and many others cat cards.


VillageArt's Horses and ponies greeting cards  are also available.  Just Ask. Any of the images on the Horse and Pony Notelets can be turned into A5 Greeting Cards.


VillageArt Cartoon Greeting Cards  from drawings by Isabel Clark are also available.



Cards from your own photos - You must have either copyright ownership of the image, i.e. it is your own photo, or permission to use the photo in this way from the copyright owner. Perhaps you would like greeting cards created from photos of your pet dog or cat, horse or pony.  Why not have a se of cards made of your own home or favourite holiday, the new baby or family achievement!!!  Cards are a lovely way to show distant friends and relatives recent events in your family. Maybe you would like a picture of your new house to notify people of your new address.


For your bespoke cards, you may have any of the backgrounds shown on this website or just have the white card background, with your photo in the centre and with whatever text you require. Just send a clear, in focus photo of a reasonable size.  You may send your photo via email, if you wish.

Make sure you can replace any photos before sending them through the post, just in case irreplaceable photos go astray. Photos will be returned with your order.

If possible, photos sent by email are safest and quickest.  Please make sure the image is of a reasonable size to work from. Approx 1 to 2mb should be OK.

Please tell me what text you require or if you prefer your cards blank.  Your cards will be left blank inside, and on the front, unless you ask for specific text . You may also, have some cards blank and some with text if you wish. 


If you would like to see any other subject on these pet greeting cards, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.




These are signed Giclée (Inkjet) prints taken from original paintings by the International Artist, Isabel Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art.  The Artist will check and sign each print before despatch.

These unique and charming prints are produced on the beautiful Somerset Enhanced 225gm Velvet Watercolour Paper.  Being 100% cotton, this is a superb paper for this fine art reproduction as it gives a high quality sheet with the same natural texture found only on archival artists papers.

Pigment inks are used which give your print/s a depth of colour that brings the image/s to life with no loss of quality for over 80 years.

The artist, who created the original painting with such loving care and attention to detail, will check and sign the print/s before despatch to you.

To prevent too much loss of the  image when you mount and frame your print, a white margin is left around the image.

VillageArt dog prints include Basset Hounds prints, Beagles prints, Bearded Collies prints, Boxer Dogs prints, Bulldogs prints, Border Collie Dogs prints, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels prints, Doberman Pinschers prints, Springer Spaniels prints, Jack Russell Terriers prints, Norfolk Terriers prints and Norwich Terriers, Rottweilers and Yorkshire Terrier prints and other dog prints not yet on the site so please ask.

VillageArt cat prints include various cats and kittens, Including Maine Coons prints, Snowshoes cat prints, Ginger Cats prints,  Burmese cat prints, Bengals cat prints, Siamese cats prints, long haired cat prints, short haired cat prints, prints of Moggies and many others.

VillageArt Bespoke prints (prints from your own photos) You may have prints from your own photos.  Just send a CLEAR, in focus photo of a reasonable size for enlarging.  You may send your photo via email and I can let you know if it is large enough to make a reasonable print.

If you would like to see any other subject in one of these prints please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

House Warming Cards Whatever the wording on the shown card, you may personalise your message by either contacting the Artist by email or putting a note on your PayPal payment. Please state the exact text you require and please place each word on the line you want it placed on the card as I will need to copy your text exactly to prevent errors.



VillageArt Dog letter headings Basset Hounds letter headings, Beagles letter headings, Bearded Collies letter headings, Boxer Dogs letter headings, Bulldogs letter headings, Border Collie Dogs letter headings, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels letter headings, Doberman Pinschers letter headings, Springer Spaniels letter headings, Jack Russell Terriers letter headings, Rottweilers letter headings and Yorkshire Terrier  letter headings. There are many other pet dog letter headings not yet on the site so please ask.

VillageArt cat letter headings include various cats and kittens letter headings, such as  Maine Coons cats, Snowshoes cats, ginger cats stationery, tabby cats, tortoiseshell cats, Burmese cats, Bengals cats, Ragdoll cats, Siamese cats, long haired cat letter heads, short haired cats, moggies and many others cat letter heads.


VillageArt Cartoon letter headings - Assorted cartoon animals




VillageArt Dog address labels include Basset Hounds address labels, Beagles address labels, Bearded Collies address labels, Boxer Dogs address labels, Bulldogs address labels, Border Collie Dogs address labels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels address labels, Doberman Pinschers address labels, Springer Spaniels address labels, Jack Russell Terriers address labels, Rottweilers address labels and Yorkshire Terrier address labels. There are many other pet dog  address labels not yet on the site so please ask

VillageArt Cats and Kittens address labels include  cats and kittens such as Maine Coons cats address labels, Snowshoes cats address labels, Ginger cats address labels, Tabby cats address labels, tortoiseshell cats address labels, Burmese cats address labels, Bengals cats address labels, Ragdolls cats address labels, Siamese cats address labels, long haired cats address labels, short haired cats address labels, plus cats address labels of Moggies and many others.


NOTELETS  (sets only) 

1    . Sets of 5 x A6 Notelets  –  £5.50 (includes Envelopes and UK postage and packaging charge.

2.     Sets of 10 x A6 Notelets  –  £8.25 (includes Envelopes and UK postage and packaging charge.

3.     Sets of 5 x A6 Notelets  £6.50 (includes Envelopes and OVERSEAS postage and packing charge).


4.     Sets of 5 BESPOKE A6 Notelets (Notelets with your own pet on the front) -  £6.50)

Please click on OVERSEAS BUTTON, which is also the correct price for BESPOKE CARDS, but indicate clearly you require BESPOKE CARDS.  Then you may forward your image to me via email or ordinary mail.  Please, of course, allow extra time for Bespoke cards.

Size of Notelets

Notelets are created from A4 paper folded into 4 to A6 size.  Photo quality paper is used.

They are approximately 6inches x 4 inches when folded (nearly 6 in high and just over 4 ins wide)

“JUST A NOTE” text on the front, a picture of one of my paintings in the centre and an edge banner on the left.

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COPYRIGHT: All images on this site are in tangible form and are fully copyrighted. Copyright is retained by Isabel Clark on all commissioned artwork. None of them may be reproduced or used in any form or any manner, or displayed on any website or any other forum without the express written consent of the owner, Isabel Clark BA (Hons) Fine Art.